Welcome to the Smart Tax Tips 4 Biz Blog!

Welcome to the Smart Tax Tips 4 Biz blog, a blog that will focus on providing tips and strategies for Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, Home Business Owners, Bloggers, Network Marketers, Side-Hustlers, Freelancers, 1099 Contractors…and all who fall under the umbrella of any of these titles.

Now more than ever, people are starting a small business from home or an online business, or a side business while they work a traditional day job, and much more. While it is a great idea to add multiple streams of income to your finances, or maybe you are just trying to make a profit while you pursue your passion, unfortunately many of you are missing out on huge tax savings opportunities. A huge benefit to running a business part time or full time is that you are entitled to legally deduct many of your everyday expenses.

I was inspired to start this blog because I receive so many questions from new entrepreneurs or “unsure” entrepreneurs who have become so confused now that they’re in business. Then you have some entrepreneurs who don’t even know that they’ve been doing something the wrong way for so long and now they go and advise their friend who’s starting a new business about the “wrong way” to do business. It’s like the blind leading the blind.

A little about me…my name is Ktasha Hardge (pronounced Tasha) and I am the Owner and Founder of Hardge Connections, LLC…a boutique Tax & Accounting Services company located in New York with a large volume of clients that I serve all across the U.S. I have been in the tax industry for about 20 years and have gained a wealth of knowledge and expertise. I continue to stay abreast of new tax laws and changes that affect small business owners. I specialize in saving entrepreneurs thousands of dollars by preparing their income tax returns with my smart tax strategies for business owners. I also do Tax Planning and Advising and provide consultations to individuals who want to start, develop and grow their own business. If you stick close to me…you will probably avoid lots of mistakes that many new entrepreneurs face and you will also run your business smarter and learn how to keep more of what you make.

Besides sharing tips and strategies, sometimes I will post product reviews or recommend tools and apps that will help you streamline your business.

I will also post niche information for various industries. Sometimes I will also post general small business topics to help you in other areas of your business which I hope you will find relevant.

Please also feel free to contact me with your questions. I will try my best to answer you individually or…maybe you’ll find your answer in a future post!

I encourage you to visit my business site Hardge Connections LLC where you will find a wealth of tax and financial information to help you make smarter and well informed financial decisions.

Thank you for reading and visiting, and helping build a simpler world focused on what’s truly important and relevant.